One Time & Monthly Gifts

One-time gifts to the Bread and Wine NWA Fund can be made online by following the button below (if you would prefer to write a check, please follow the directions via the button below).

(Bread and Wine NWA gifts are temporarily managed by our partner nonprofit Serve Northwest Arkansas)


Thank you for considering an investment into the Bread and Wine NWA fund. 

Gifts to this fund are used to

  1. Fund operational expenses
  2. Fund humanitarian initiatives in both our community and around the world
  3. Fund relationships with partner churches, teachers, and nonprofit practitioners who are working within our relational networks.

Our Giving Budget Goals:  

  • 33% to Operations
  • 33% to Humanitarian Initiatives
  • 33% to partner churches, teachers, and nonprofit practitioners.

Decisions on the allocations of funds from the Bread and Wine NWA Fund are periodically set before the Bread and Wine NWA community for input, recommendations, nominations, determination, and accountability.  


Manage your Giving

Through your Giving Account you can:

  • Update your Contact Information
  • Download Donation & Giving Statements
  • Update Credit Card or ACH information for Recurring Giving
  • Control Notifications
  • Confirm your Giving Profile
  • Reset your Password



Both Pure Charity and Serve NWA are tax-exempt, nonprofit organizations as described in section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code. Adequate records will be maintained and made available to the IRS upon request. In accordance with IRS regulations, no goods or services were provided to you by Pure Charity or Serve NWA as part of this contribution.

nonprofit PARTNERS

We believe that one of the central roles of the church is to care for the vulnerable and poor in our community and around the world.  Therefore, we are intentional about using collective funds to maximize availability of funds and impact of funds.


accountability & Transparency

The Bread and Wine NWA Fund is a Donor Advised Fund managed by Pure Charity per the terms of the Donor Advised Fund Agreement. Bread and Wine NWA may make distribution elections in accordance with IRS regulations related to Donor Advised Funds. Bread and Wine NWA will make information visible to members quarterly or at any time via request.